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When was Guilford Lake made? The stone at the dam says it was dedicated in 1984, but gives 1834-1837 referring to Mr. Gill. Is it that old?
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Guilford Lake was constructed as a canal feeder reservoir for the Sandy and Beaver Canal in 1834. An ambitious project undertaken by a private company, the canal was to be 73-miles long and would require two tunnels, thirty dams, ninety locks, three reservoirs and one 400-foot-long aqueduct before it was completed. The park is named after E.H. Gill who was chief engineer of the canal company for several years. He established a road through swampy areas of the present park which became known as Gill's Ford.

1984 was the year the park was declared a dedicated land. 

Dedicated lands are preserved as natural open space or developed for active outdoor recreation.

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