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What happened to the three large dead animals near Midway Geyser Basin on Monday, Septemberr 21st?
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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
11 years ago
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We were not able to find specific information about these animals, but it could have been a result of a number of factors:

• Predation - they could have fallen prey to a carnivore, such as a pack of wolves, mountain lion, or grizzly bear. It's unlikely though that they would have brought down three animals at once.
• Injured by same species - if the animals were elk, they very well could have been fatally wounded as they fought one another for dominance of the heard during the rut
• Human activity - vehicle impacts are one of the most common forms of preventable wildlife deaths in the park. They could have also been poached, but its unlikely that anyone would be brazen enough to poach in such a well developed area

Carcasses of Large animals that are killed in the front country are often relocated to the backcountry so that the animals that feed on them can do so without being placed in jeopardy.

For additional information about the wildlife in Yellowstone, visit If you'd like to get further information about the animals in question, contact the Old Faithful District Ranger Station

10 years ago