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What Month is a good time to go to Crater Lake Lodge? Is there a chater bus or van that goes to Crater Lake Lodge? [email protected]
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While Crater Lake National Park is open year-round, the Lodge itself is only open from the end of May typically (it is scheduled to open 5/26 in 2010) through mid-October.  The lodge is closed for this season 

Crater Lake receives A LOT of snow up into the spring season and starting again in early fall.  So, if your vehicle is prepared for it, snowy months can be beautiful times to explore the park.  Just make sure to check ahead that the roads have been plowed.  The "Rim Road" is usually in pretty good shape for most of the year.

There is no van or shuttle directly to the lodge.  For reservations or more information call Xanterra at (888) 774-2728.

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10 years ago