What are the best national parks for birding?
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Several National Parks offer exceptional bird watching. This time of year, many of the parks in the southern part of the country offer some of the best birding because of the number of species that winter there. The Everglades, for example, is home to many rare species of bird including the great egret, the snowy egret and the roseate spoonbill, but this time of year many birds call it home. Rocky Mountain is also a great park for birding. Rocky Mountain is home to the rufous hummingbird, mountain bluebird, osprey and once nearly extinct peregrine falcon. If you are looking to find places to view bald eagles, several national parks offer you that opportunity. Glacier Bay National Park, AK; Kenai Fjords National Park, AK; Assateague Island National Seashore, MD; Yellowstone National Park, WY; Olympic National Park, WA; North Cascades National Park, WA; Glacier National Park, MT; Grand Teton National Park, WY; Acadia National Park, ME; and Voyageurs National Park, MN. 

If you are looking for birding at a particular park, search for the park the ohranger site and select flora and fauna. You will find a list of many of the species of bird that call that park home. 

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YELLOWSTONE PARK without a doubt. Where else can you see so many different speices and where else can you see such magnificent eagles soaring so close to you.  The falcons and all the different birds seem to get along in the air and on the ground. Much smarter than people are these birds. Do not forget the beautiful swans that are so rare a sight. Always take a bird identifier book with you because just when you think you have seen them all, along will come a strange or rare one that you may not know.

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