Where is the lava going that used to fllow into the ocean at Volcano National Park ?
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Since the new year, Lava stopped flowing into the ocean although, lava flows could reoccupy the lava tube system shortly and again send lava flows to the sea. The area is located east of the eastern boundary of the park and about 12 miles from the summit caldera of Kilauea.

Lava from the Thanksgiving Eve Breakout vent and the rootless shield complex is trying to reoccupy lava tubes and flow to the ocean after a recent deflation of the volcano stopped the flow of lava to the ocean. 

Hawai`i County has opened a viewing area at the end of Highway 130. Visitors may enter the viewing area between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. daily (vehicles must exit the area by 10 p.m. when the gates will be locked).

Call (808) 961-8093 for an updated recorded message about the lava viewing area at the end of Hwy 130.

Visitors should be prepared for a significant trek. Wear comfortable shoes with a thick sole and bring plenty of bottled water and snacks. Flashlights are essential for nighttime viewing.

10 years ago