What are the road conditions from I-15 to Bryce Canyon? What road would we take through the Canyon?
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10 years ago
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I-15 is a major thoroughfare, so I expect that unless there are heavy snowfalls, you won't run into any closures.  There are many routes into Bryce off of I-15, so you will have to look at a map to determine how scenic you want your course to be.  It also depends on wether you are coming from points North or points South.  Either direction, you will make your way to UT 12, and then to UT 63 (State Roads).  63 is the only thoroughfare through the park.  

There are only ever brief closures in Bryce after heavy snowstorms.  Otherwise, it is a year round park.  If you want to check, you can find more information here, or call the visitors information hotline,  435.834.5322. 


10 years ago