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We'll be staying in West Yellowstone. Where/how is the best way to see wildlife in or around the park. I am taking a 9 year old boy.
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9 years ago
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In West Yellowstone itself, you can't beat the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, one of the few places around the park where you are gauranteed to see bears and wolves, they are uncommon sights in the park unless you are lucky or persistent. It's reasonably affordable and right in town for convenient visiting on your schedule.

If you have your vehicle and want to drive the park, it can take from 2 to 3 hours, or the entire day depending on your route and how many stops you make. The biggest tip here is, if you see a bunch of fellow visitors stopped along the road, there's probably wildlife nearby to see. Just park safely out of the traffic lane and remember not to get too close to the animals. You will almost definitely see bison/bufallo on your drive, and if you get up to Mammoth Hot Springs at the north end of the park, you're certain to see elk or moose. Bears, wolves and other animals like bighorn sheep can be trickier to spot.

Since I work in the park and do my sightseeing from my car, I can't recommend specific bus or snowcoach tours, but there are a lot of them accessible from West Yellowstone. The benefit of a guided tour is that the guides are extremely knowledgable and know how to spot animals and point them out.

9 years ago