I am hiking down the Grand Canyon end of September (staying 2 nights @ phantom Ran. How much water will I need on the S. Kabob trail?
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10 years ago
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This is a question we get a lot and a very good one.  For typical hiking conditions, three quarts per person per day is a good rule of thumb (depending on the length of the hike, the weather and your level of fitness).  However, for the Grand Canyon given the climate and elevation changes, we'd recommend at least 4-5 quarts per person per day.  Again, this is only a general rule of thumb so please make sure you are listening to your own body.  Dehydration in the Grand Canyon is a big deal and you will feel much more energetic when you are well hydrated.

Also, don't wait until you are "thirsty" to drink.  Allow for consistent stops along the way to drink before you feel you need it.  It'll give your body a chance to rest, your muscles will stay loose, and you'll remind yourself to look around a bit!

Enjoy!  Phantom Ranch and the Grand Canyon are special places!

10 years ago