We are riding motorcycles from Cody, WY, to Jackson, WY, then down to Flaming Gorge in July. Are there any "scary" ( ie: drop offs) areas?
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10 years ago
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Well, scary is subjective.  In my opinion, there are some fantastic roads for touring in that area.  One of the most beautiful scenic drives in the country is the Chief Joseph Highway, which takes you a bit north from Cody and then leads into Yellowstone. If you're afraid of heights, then it may not be the best road for you, as it winds up through the mountains but offers spectacular views.  I'd check it out on Google Earth where you can get a three dimensional idea of what the ride is like.  Alternatively, you can proceed due west from Cody on Route 20 (runs along with Rts 14 & 16), which is a little less dramatic.  The road through Grand Tetons down to Flaming Gorge is also beautiful and I don't think you'll be too scared from drop offs there.  I recommend that you do a bit more research online before you decide, as it would be a shame to be so close and miss the Chief Joseph Highway.  In my one ride there, I had three moose encounters (on the road) and possibly one of my best days ever in the saddle.  Ultimately, you need to be the judge of what will make you comfortable, as no ride is worth it if you're feeling ill at ease and don't focus on the road.  Safety first and have fun!

10 years ago