When is the best time to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim?
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8 years ago
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Personally, I think Late September - October is the best time to hike in and around the canyon.  Rim to Rim takes a good while so you'll want plenty of daylight and pleasant temperatures. 

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8 years ago
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October to March, unless you like over 100 degree heat. Or start very early in the morning, get to Phantom Ranch, hang out all day, then hike out in the evening. Average time for a R2R is 6 hours. Its 14 miles from the North Rim to the Colorado River and 9 miles up to the South Rim. There is a 5000 foot drop into the canyon. Hiking down is easy, but the hike out if you are not in shape can be hard. Take plenty of water, stop often and take your time.

8 years ago