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Is there cell phone service in Yosemite
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8 years ago
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This is a question we get a lot (for all parks).  In Yosemite, there is cell reception in the Valley for some carriers and in some eastern parts of the park.  There is almost no reception reported on any backcountry trails. 

If you're interested, click here to read recent news and discussions about cell phone use and plans for new towers in national parks. 

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8 years ago
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Cell coverage in Yosemite Valley can be spotty but we have found it easy to get a signel in the area around Yosemite Lodge.  Hint: point your cell phone antenna towards Sentinel Rock. There are only limited areas in the back country that have cell coverage.  Coverage disappears the further away  you get from Yosemite Valley and the roads into the valley.

The Special Maps Issue of Backpacker magazine that came out in May has a map of Yosemite and where the cell coverage is.  It can be found on page 34.

8 years ago