We want to visit Yosemite in Sept (only time we have). We have been told that is not the best time to visit. Will we be disappointed?
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10 years ago
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There is no bad time to visit Yosemite, it's spectacular all year round! You simply have to go with the right expectations.  For example, the waterfalls, which are a prominent feature of the park, flow robustly in the late spring and early summer (they're from the snow melt), so you won't see gushing waterfalls in September.  No big deal.  You'll also have smaller crowds in the valley and the same stunning cliffs and high country to see.  A lot is about personal preference.  For example, I went to Yellowstone in the winter and had an amazing experience.  There were times were I couldn't see another human being for miles (lots of bison, though).  It was well below freezing (below zero even), but I dressed for the occassion.  I understand that only about 5% of Yellowstone's visitors come in the winter.  As far as I'm concerned, the other 95% are missing out.  Don't get me wrong, it's great in the summer too, but just like Yosemite, you'll love it any time of year! 

Have fun and please be sure to share your stories of adventure when you return in the fall at OhRanger.com/StoryTour. 

10 years ago
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I have been to Yosemite every month of the year and there is never a bad time to go.  While Yosemite Falls will be dry unless there is a big rain storm during your stay, Bridalveil, Nevada and Vernal Falls run all year round.  You can take advantage of the fact that there will be less crowds which will allow you to have an more enjoyable experience.  Take a drive to Glacier Point and along the way take the short hikes to Taft Point and Sentinel Dome.  Sentinel Domes gives you a 360 degree view of the high country and is a great spot for sunset.  Spend a day driving Tioga Road and enjoy the view.  If you have time, drive down to Lee Vining and have dinner at the Whoa Nellie Deli which is strangely located in a gas station but has unbelievable food.  A tram tour of Mariposa Grove is fun and you can always take the tram to the top and then walk back down. 

Believe me, you will not be disappointed going to Yosemite no matter what time of the year.

10 years ago