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What should I take with me while hiking in Yellowstone National Park
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10 years ago
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You should think about the kind of hikes you'll likely be taking and bring gear to suit your needs.  It will be fairly cold in Yellowstone from here on in to the winter, so make sure to bring good layers and if you're camping, a sleeping bag and tent rated to below freezing at minimum depending on how late in the season you plan to go.  No matter what, speak with a ranger before you head out on the trail to get specific conditions updates.

Here are some other items to consider, though certainly not an exhaustive list:

Day pack
Water bottle(s); and purification method if you're planning on overnight Headlamp or Flashlight
Knife/Multi-purpose Tool
Boots/shoes adequate for terrain
Fleece jacket
Polypropylene underwear (shirt & pants)
Wide-brimmed hat
Resealable plastic bags
Toilet paper
Hiking Poles


Have a good time, and remember to practive Leave No Trace!

10 years ago