Ridgecrest Recreation Management Area

Domeland Wilderness Area

Domeland Wilderness Area consists of pinyon-covered mountains along the eastern side of the Kern River South Fork drainage. Located on the eastern edge of the center of the wilderness is a long, narrow Big Sage covered valley. Rugged, challenging topography, perennial streams, variable terrain and vegetation contribute to outstanding opportunities for solitude and unconfined recreation.

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) crosses the Wilderness for 45 miles in a north-south direction following the river approximately 9 miles. The northern segment is the most popular with other hiking and equestrian trails making connection. The south and east segment is less popular due to difficult terrain.

The visitor can enjoy hiking, backpacking, camping, bird watching, maybe some fishing, and by all means, remember to take your camera.

Signs indicating "Wilderness" and "Closed Road" or "Closed Route" are placed at various intervals. Vehicles can be parked outside the wilderness boundary; however, the boundary is set back 30 feet on unmaintained dirt roads, and 300 feet on paved roads. Mechanized or motorized vehicles are NOT PERMITTED in a wilderness.

Hunting, fishing and non-commercial trapping are allowed under state and local laws. Pets are allowed, but please keep your pets under control at all times. Horses are permitted, however, you may be required to carry feed.

Private lands may lie within the wilderness, PLEASE respect the owner. DO NOT use these lands without permission. Removal, disturbance, or attempting to remove archaeological materials is a felony. Selling, receiving, purchasing, transporting, exchanging, or offering to do so is prohibited by law.

Camping is permitted, limited to 14 days. After 14 days, campers must relocate at least 25 miles from previous site. Gathering wood for campfires, when permitted is limited to dead and down materials. Live vegetation can not be cut.


Directions from Ridgecrest, CA: This wilderness is located approximately 25 miles northwest of Ridgecrest. Some of the area is in Kern County and some in Tulare County. Travel from Canebrake Road off SR 178 or Nine Mile Canyon Road off US 395.