Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park

National Park Service Holds Meeting on Growing Deer Population

September 3, 2009, 8:12 am
WASHINGTON - District residents living near Rock Creek Park are concerned because of the growing deer population in the area some are calling out of control. 

The National Park Service held a meeting about the delicate issue Wednesday night. They say there are four possible strategies for controlling the deer population around the park, and two of them involve calling in sharp shooters. Residents who both support and oppose those plans shared their views. 

Every chair was filled as the National Park Service explained how the seemingly innocent white-tailed deer have become a threat to the park's ecosystem. Certain species of plants have become increasingly rare -- leaving rangers and residents pointing at the hardy appetites of too many does and bucks. 

"I like those deer but there are too many of them," said James Collier, a D.C. resident. 

"There really is no choice," added David Splitt, a D.C. resident. "We have to do some unpleasant things.