Russell Cave National Monument

Russell Cave National Monument

Things To Do

Native American Festival
See demonstrations of authentic Southeastern Native American culture and lifeways at Russell Cave's annual Native American festival.
The 2007 festival will be held Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm both days. Please see the schedule of events page for more information.

The museum area in the visitor center contains many facts about Russell Cave. View actual artifacts and reproductions of items found in the cave shelter. Photos and a timeline tell the story of the people that lived at Russell Cave long ago, as well as the history of the archeological excavations.

Prehistoric Tools and Weapons Demonstrations
Interpretive Rangers give demonstrations of the types of tools and weapons early inhabitants used. See how an atlatl is used to throw a spear, the flintknapping methods to make a spearpoint or knife, and how to make a fire using natural materials and a bow drill. You can even try your skill at using the pump drill and grinding corn. (Demonstrations are available upon request.)

North Alabama Birding Trail & Nature Trail
Enjoy a nature hike at site # 44 of Alabama's Birding Trail. This is an uphill trail through Montague Mountain with a distance of 1.2 miles. The terrain is steep and the partially paved trail makes a loop. There are many types of plants and animals to see along the trail.

Bring your lunch and enjoy the picnic area. There is a large, open field that is a great place to relax with your family. Scouting groups, school groups and family reunions are welcome here too.

Eastern National Bookstore
The bookstore has information on prehistoric people of the area and Russell Cave history. Books are available on flintknapping, hide tanning, Native American foods, and local plants and animals. Items for purchase include bookmarks, postcards, reproduction spearpoints, pump drills, bow drills, maps and photographs.

The bookstore carries the National Park Passport Book, a National Park Pin, and a Russell Cave Pin. Have your NPS Passport book stamped here!

Places To Go

Gilbert H. Grosvenor Visitor Center
The Gilbert H. Grosvenor Visitor Center is open year round, seven days a week, with the exception of New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Operating hours are 8:00 A.M. until 4:30 P.M. Central Standard Time.

The Visitor center contains a Museum area, Video room, and the Eastern National Bookstore as well as a drinking fountain and restrooms.

There are no campgrounds available. Ask for a list of local campgrounds when you visit.

Indoor Activities

Admission to the museum is free of charge. The museum features artifacts and reproductions found in Russell Cave, and shows the lifeways and tools of prehistoric people who used the cave shelter.

Eastern National Bookstore and Gift Shop
Russell Cave has a small gift shop located in the Gilbert H. Grosvenor Visitor Center. The gift shop contains NPS passport books and stamps, Russell Cave informational books, replica spearpoints, and bow drills and other books on Southeastern Native Americans.

Russell Cave has a wide selection of videos for you to choose from. Videos are free of charge and vary in length from eight minutes to one hour. A ranger will be glad to assist you with the free video presentation.

Junior Ranger Program
Ask for your Junior Ranger booklet upon your arrival at the visitor center. You may complete the questions during your visit, and receive an official Russell Cave Junior Ranger Badge and certificate!

Nearby Attractions

Bridgeport, AL
The historic town of Bridgeport is home to the annual Seige of Bridgeport Civil War Re-enactment, and the Bridgeport Railway Museum.

Stevenson, AL
Eleven miles from Russell Cave is the town of Stevenson, AL. Here you can visit the Stevenson Railroad Depot and discover more about the history of this area.

South Pittsburg, TN
This home of the National Cornbread Festival is only ten miles from Russell Cave.

To see area caves that are different from Russell Cave you can travel forty-seven miles to Cathedral Caverns State Park in Woodville, AL, or fifty-four miles to Sequoyah Caverns and Campgrounds in Valley Head, AL.

Outdoor Activities

Ranger led tour of the Cave Shelter
Tours of the cave shelter area are led by National Park Service Interpretive Rangers. The walk to the cave shelter is approximately 300 yards long, and is wheelchair accessible.

Demonstrations of Prehistoric Tools and Weapons
Rangers present demonstrations of spear throwing with atlatls, the techniques of pump and bow drills, the art of flintknapping, and the skills of corn and nut grinding. Experience the thrill of throwing a spear and using a pump drill for yourself!

Enjoy a picnic in the large open area in front of the visitor center. There are several tables to choose from in shady locations.
School groups, church groups, scout groups and family reunions are all invited.

Nature Hike along North Alabama Birding Trail # 44
Hike the partially paved loop trail with steep terrain that measures 1.2 miles. See many different types of plants and animals during every season of the year.