Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park

Deer Head Spring Trail

Length: 0.6 miles
Hiking Time: 0.3 hours
Highest point: 7500 feet
Lowest point: 7280 feet
Trail goes uphill

From the junction the trail goes gently uphill through mixed oak/pine forest, passing through a few clearings overgrown with very tall ferns. There is also one small stand of aspen.

At the far end of one of the clearings you come to a signed trail junction. The sign, which is oriented so that you are facing back the way you came when you read it, says:

Deer Head Spring Trail
Spud Rock Spring Campground 0.1 (east)
Turkey Creek Trail 0.6 (south)
Four Corners 0.8 (west)
Fire Loop Trail 3.3 (direction crossed out)

The Spud Rock Spring Campground is a short ways down the trail that takes off to the east (on your right as you come into the junction).

To go southwest on the East Slope Trail take the trail to the west (left as you come into the junction) that has a wooden sign saying "Manning Camp 2 miles."

Take the trail that has the wooden sign that says "Manning Camp 2 mi." on it. This is the East Slope Trail.