Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park

Fire Loop Trail

Length: 0.7 miles
Hiking Time: 0.3 hours
Highest point: 8240 feet
Lowest point: 7920 feet
Trail goes downhill

This segment starts out almost flat, moving through an area of exposed rock near the top of the Rincons. It quickly begins to descend, however, though ponderosa forest, until you get down to wide bottom of a drainage.

There is a nice meadow in the bottom, and just beyond the streambed a trail takes off to the right (northeast), and the Fire Loop Trail continues straight (west). There is a sign for this new trail which reads:

Mica Mountain Trail
Manning Camp 0.1(west)
Mica Meadow Trail 0.5 (northeast)
Heartbreak Ridge Trail 0.6 (back the way you came)
Mica Mountain 1.4 (northeast)

At this point you are almost in Manning Camp, which is a short distance straight down the Fire Loop Trail. At Manning Camp there is a cabin which is occasionally used by the National Park Service, as well as a restroom, water, and campsites. There is also a trail register and a number of interpretive signs at the main trail junction.

According to one of the signs Manning Camp was built in 1905 by General Levi Manning, Surveyor General of the Arizona Territory and later mayor of Tucson, as a summer home. He abandoned the cabin in 1907 when the area was declared a National Forest Reserve and his homestead rights were revoked.

At this junction the Cow Head Saddle Trail takes off to the north (right as you come into the junction) and the Manning Camp Trail takes off to the southeast (almost straight ahead as you come into the junction). Both of these trails are signed.

From Manning Camp take the Manning Camp Trail north, opposite the trail you came in on.