Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park

Manning Camp Trail

Length: 1.0 miles
Hiking Time: 0.5 hours
Highest point: 7920 feet
Lowest point: 7480 feet
Trail goes downhill

After leaving the cabin at Manning Camp, this trail segment passes by the campsites and then continues down the hill to the southwest.

A couple of minutes in a trail takes off to the left at an unsigned trail junction. Continue straight here. The trail descends relatively steeply down the slope through pine forest until it comes to a streambed after another 7 minutes or so. This streambed only has water in it during periods of high rainfall, like during the monsoon season.

After crossing the streambed the trail bears to the right and climbs a bit as it parallels the streambed while climbing up and away from it. This drainage has some rock formations lining it, and is very scenic. A short ways from the streambed crossing there is a rock overhang on the left which is big enough to get in out of the rain.

After climbing out of the drainage, the trail curves to the left and there are some views of Rincon Peak off to the south. The trail then descends down a slope through pine forest until it reaches a trail junction where a trail takes off to the left (southeast) and the trail you are on continues towards the southest. The sign for the trail taking off to the left is actually about 10 yards further down the trail, and says:

Devils Bathtub Trail
Manning Camp 1 (back the way you came)
Heartbreak Ridge Trail 1.2 (southeast)
Grass Shack Campground 3.5 (southwest)
Douglas Spring Trail-S 4.1 (southwest)

Turn left (southeast) on the Devils Bathtub Trail.