Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument

Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument

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Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument

New Mexico

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What remains today are the beautiful reminders of the early contact between Pueblo Indians and Spanish Colonials. The ruins of four mission churches and the partially excavated pueblo of Las Humanas can be seen at Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument. Walking the interpretive trail through the missions and pueblos, sight seeing at the three historic sites, visiting the museums, picnicking, bird watching and wildflower identification are activities the whole family can enjoy at this national monument.

Map of Salinas Pueblo Missions

Latitude, Longitude: 34.591530, -106.328602



  • Picnicking

    Picnicking is available at this site.


Generally mild and dry in the summer, there is occasional snow in the winter and fierce winds throughout the spring.



The Mountainair headquarters can be reached by taking I-25 south from Albuquerque to Belen, then NM 47 diagonally to US 60, and then east for 21-miles to Mountainair.

To travel the historic highway route from the north, take I-40 east from Albuquerque to NM 337, and drive south for 54-miles to Mountainair.

The Abó Ruins are located nine-miles west on US 60 and one-half-mile north on NM 513. Telephone: (505) 847-2400.

Gran Quivira Ruins are 26-miles south on NM 55. Telephone: (505) 847-2770

Quarai Ruins are eight-miles north on NM 55 and one-mile west. Telephone: (505) 847-2290.


Air transportation is available in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Amtrak, and bus service are available in Albuquerque.

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(505) 847-2585