San Bernardino National Forest

Cucamonga Wilderness

The United States Congress designated the Cucamonga Wilderness (map) in 1964 and it now has a total of 12,781 acres. All of this wilderness is located in California and is managed by the Forest Service.

The name "Cucamonga" was derived from an old Spanish rancheria nearby. The meaning has been variously interpreted as "sandy place" or "place of many springs." That may describe the rancheria, but not the Cucamonga Wilderness, located at the east end of Southern California's San Gabriel range. The steep, rugged terrain rises abruptly from the urban San Bernardino Valley, ranging from approximately 5,000 feet to almost 9,000 feet. Most of the streams are intermittent and water is scarce, but the Wilderness offers a handy retreat to a beautiful sub-alpine setting on 18 miles of trails for the nearby suburban population. Numerous wildlife species do well in the area, including deer, bear, mountain lions, and bighorn sheep. The Cucamonga Wilderness is managed jointly by the Angeles and San Bernardino National Forests.