San Bernardino National Forest

Juniper Flats

Cross country off-roading is not allowed in Juniper Flats, but there is a wide network of routes best explored by off-road vehicles. Just be sure to stay on the routes.

Location: San Bernardino Mountains
Setting: Mountainous
Surface: Dirt
Difficulty: Beginner
Time to Allow: 3 hours+
Camping Info: You can park within 300 yards of an open route.
Season: Year round

San Bernardino National Forest
602 S. Tippecanoe Ave
San Bernardino, CA 92408
TTY 800-877-8339


Located as it is in the San Bernadino Mountains' foothills, the terrain is mountainous, when it's not split low by canyons. Prehistoric sites still exist within the Flats, as do historic mines -- if old mines and mining shafts can be dangerous and should be given a wide berth.