San Rafael Swell Recreation Area

Other Areas of Interest in San Rafael Swell Rec. Area

Buckhorn Draw/San Rafael Bridge

Once the scene of outlaw chases, Buckhorn Draw (a long, steep-walled canyon), is the main northern gate-way to the Swell. A canyon highlight is the interpreted Buckhorn Draw Native American rock art site. These striking figures were restored as Emery County's Utah Centennial Project in 1996. ...

Head of Sinbad and Swasey's Cabin

Just off I-70, the Head of Sinbad area invites camping, hiking, and exploring. The elements have molded the buff-colored sandstone into pocketed watchtowers and other fanciful shapes. Members of the Swasey family first grazed livestock in the area in the late 1800's. Today, visitors may see ...

Keesle Country

Keesle Country is a maze of canyons in the southwest corner of the Swell. A short hike or horseback ride into this road-less area will provide an introduction to its primitive ...

San Rafael Desert

The San Rafael Desert, accessible from Highway 24 (on unpaved roads), is relatively flat with many areas of low sand dunes. Additionally, a main dirt road heads south into the desert from the town of Green River. Several spur roads lead from this main road to overlooks ...