Sand Flats Recreation Area

Porcupine Rim Trail

The Porcupine Rim Trail, popular and difficult (class 4) in it's own right. The trailhead is located on the eastern end of SFRA, 7 miles up the Sand Flats road from the entrance station.

The first part of the trail is popular with motorcycles and jeeps. At mile 11.2 the trail becomes single track with steep ledges and is suitable only for biking and hiking. Jeeps, ATVs and all but the most experienced motorcyclists must turn around at this point. The official trail length from the trailhead to highway 128 is 14.4 miles but because it is a one-way trail, without a shuttle, it is 30 miles roundtrip. The trail offers a variety of riding surfaces in a remote and rugged area of outstanding scenery.

Please note that travel is limited to designated trails and that cross-country travel is not permitted. The Moab area offers literally thousands of miles of old roads. Stay on the trails and leave the scenery for others to enjoy. Tracking the landscape is one of the most lasting forms of damage. Enjoy our trails and please do not leave tracks.

Stay on the trail. Do not trample vegetation or cryptobiotic crust. Avoid driving in potholes. Respect all living things. The desert is an irreplaceable gift. Pack it in. Pack it out. Responsible recreation keeps this trail clean, scenic and OPEN.