Savannah River Scenic Highway

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Savannah River Scenic Highway

South Carolina

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Not only does the Savannah River Scenic Byway provide users with gorgeous scenic views, but it also gives tourists a glimpse of life in the rural South and opportunities to witness and experience southern hospitality. This scenic highway winds along three major lakes and crosses through four counties. Several recreation areas can be found along the highway, which takes about 3 hours to fully traverse and is about 110 miles long. As part of "America's Byways", guests can make pit stops at several locations and participate in activities such as learning more about casual barbecue traditions via lessons. The spring and fall colors of the leaves are especially beautiful along this easy-traveling river route. This is the perfect place to experience the South without having to travel back in time. Whether stopping to enjoy the Fall foliage or hearing about South Carolina's role in the Civil and Revolutionary Wars, you will definitely feel welcome.

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Latitude, Longitude: 33.946778, -82.377548



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Getting to the Byway. From Greenville, SC to Savannah River Scenic Byway take I-185 south to I-85. Get on I-85 and go southwest to SC-24 just past Anderson, where the byway begins. From Augusta, GA to Savannah River Scenic Byway take GA-28 northwest across the Savannah River where the byway begins.

Driving the Byway. Take SC-28 north at the South Carolina/Georgia border. Continue on SC 28 for 33 miles through Meriwether, Clarks Hill, Modoc, Parksville, Plum Branch, and McCormick. At McCormick, take SC-81 and continue for 42 miles to SC-187. Take SC-187 north for 10 miles until you reach SC-24. Take SC-24 west/northwest for 20 miles as you pass through Townville and Tokeena until you reach Oakway at Scenic Highway 11.

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(803) 734-0175