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Fifteen miles from Othello, the 925-acre Scootney Reservoir is quite popular with local anglers. Visitors fish year-round for yellow perch, crappie, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Scootney Reservoir also hosts an Annual Antique Boat Races. Trailheads for hiking lead directly in and out of the campgrounds. Wildlife viewing and birdwatching opportunities are abundant. The reservoir is managed by the Federal Bureau of Reclamation and is part of the Columbia Basin Project which also includes Grand Coulee Dam.

Map of Scooteney Reservoir

Latitude, Longitude: 46.700951, -119.018251



  • Boating

    There are two main boat launches, plus a third primitive boat launch in the remote southern part of the park. Scootney Reservoir hosts Annual Antique Boat Races.

    Canoeing and kayaking are popular in the off-season.

  • Bird Watching

    The park offers magnificent birdwatching. Situated along a major flyway for migratory birds, it is a prime location for observing sandhill cranes in the fall. Thousands of ducks and geese also migrate through the park each fall. Birds of prey that can be seen in the park include northern harriers, American kestrels, merlins, great horned owls, barn owls, golden eagles and bald eagles.

    For additional birdwatching information, visit

  • Camping

    Campsites are placed along the reservoir as well. All of the sites are primitive. Each site includes a picnic area, fire rings and tent pads. Some parking spaces can accommodate RVs. There are no hook-ups for RVs. There is a dump site, however. Drinking water and bathrooms with running water are available.

  • Fishing

    Although the reservoir is open year-round, many anglers save Scooteney for their winter fishing adventures, since it offers very good ice fishing, especially for yellow perch. The perch are abundant and tend to run large, a perfect combination for anyone in search of the makings of a whole-hog fish fry. Ice anglers also catch some nice-sized crappies and an occasional walleye, usually by accident but sometimes by design. Standard fare for winter perch is a Swedish Pimple, Triple Teazer, or Crippled Herring with a single perch eye or small strip of perch skin on the hook. A winter fishing possibility that's largely overlooked is lake whitefish, which are abundant in the lake. Anglers taking the time to locate a large school of these one- to three-pound fish and jig a heavy spoon or minnow-imitating metal jig around them would enjoy some lively action.

    In the spring and summer, anglers find fair numbers of largemouth and smallmouth bass around the edges of the reservoir, and areas with ample cover may turn up some good catches of bluegills and crappies. The perch fishing also remains good in spring and early summer. Walleye fishing has come on strong here in recent years and is worth investigating throughout the spring and early summer.

    This reservoir is a component of the Potholes canal system and provides fair fishing for walleyes up to eight pounds.

  • Hiking

    Trailheads for hiking lead directly in and out of the campgrounds.

  • Hunting

    Hunting is permitted.

  • Picnicking

    Picnic areas available in the day use area.

  • Water Sports

    There is a swimming area. Tubing, swimming, kayaking, sailing and snorkeling are also available.

  • Wildlife Watching

    Mammals such as coyotes and rabbits have been spotted in the area.



Scooteney Reservoir is situated between Othello and Mesa near State Highway 17 in Franklin County. For detailed directions, call the park.

For more information about the region, contact the Greater Othello Chamber of Commerce at or (509) 488-2683.

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(509) 234-0527