Sierra National Forest

Clover Meadow OHV Area

Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) users will find many opportunities for off-highway enjoyment in the Sierra National Forest. Become familiar with OHV laws, restrictions, and closures. Respect private property, wildlife and other forest visitors. Always operate your vehicle in a safe, responsible manner.
The Sierra National Forest offers a variety of trail riding experiences. In general, off-highway vehicles can operate on any road or trail that is designated with an OHV marker (a jeep symbol). California Vehicle Code and Green Sticker laws apply on all National Forest roads.


Cattle and Green Mountain OHV Routes: From the Clover Meadow area you can access the Cattle and Green Mountain OHV Routes.

To get there take Hwy 41 North from Fresno. Turn on Road 200 to North Fork. Follow Road 200 until it turns into the Minarets Road (also known as the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway). Continue on Minarets Road to Clover Meadow Wilderness Station. From the station follow road 5S30 across the West Fork of Granite Creek, which parallels the creek downstream and crosses the East Fork of Granite Creek. Continue for approximately 1 1/2 miles to the Mammoth Trailhead. Green Mountain OHV route is to the left (north), and Cattle Mountain OHV route (south) is to the right.

Green Mountain is approximately 1 mile in length, and Cattle Mountain is 2 miles in length. Both routes offer an excellent view of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.