Sierra National Forest

King's River Ranger District

The John Muir Wilderness Area is located in this Ranger District as well as parts of the Monarch and Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Area. Reservoirs include, Wishon, Courtright, and Pine Flat. The McKinley Grove Giant Sequoias and Botanical Area offer some spectacular sites of these giant trees.
Recreation - The Kings River Special Management Area offers hiking, fishing, white water rafting and kayaking. The district's reservoirs offer water sports and camping.

Climate - Weather conditions in the Sierra National Forest vary locally with elevation and exposure. Weather changes more rapidly and severely in the Forest's higher elevations. In general, temperatures in the Sierras drop three degrees with each 1000' of elevation gain.

Precipitation falls mainly from October through April. At higher elevations, much of it comes in the form of snow. Snowpack above 8000' can be 25 fee in the winter. Winter temperatures well below freezing and summer temperatures above 100 degrees indicate the normal seasonal spread. Clouds can build up during the summer to produce thunderstorm activity. It is wise to pack for any season when venturing into the high country, with clothing that can be "layered", ready to peel off or add on as the thermometer dictates. Always include some kind of rain gear.

Location - The Kings River Ranger District is the southern most district in the Sierra National Forest. The District office is located north of the Pine Flat Reservoir and just west of Hacker Mt.

King's River Ranger District, 34849 Maxon Road , Sanger, CA, 93657, Phone: 559-855-8321, Fax: 559-855-2666, TTY: 559-855-8321