Sierra National Forest

Mariposa Ranger District

Mariposa Ranger District has some spectacular features to this northwest portion of Sierra National Forest. One such feature is the prominent Fresno Dome. This 7540 foot high dome will give you dramatic views of the surrounding area. Don't forget your hiking boots and map to identify all the peaks and lakes around the dome.
Recreation - Hiking many of Mariposa's trails and domes can provide days of recreation. Bass Lake, which is in the southern portion of the ranger district has many camp and picnic grounds and can provide some great fishing, swimming, and waterskiing.

Climate - Weather conditions in the Sierra National Forest vary locally with elevation and exposure. Weather changes more rapidly and severely in the Forest's higher elevations. In general, temperatures in the Sierras drop three degrees with each 1000' of elevation gain.

Precipitation falls mainly from October through April. At higher elevations, much of it comes in the form of snow. Snowpack above 8000' can be 25 fee in the winter. Winter temperatures well below freezing and summer temperatures above 100 degrees indicate the normal seasonal spread. Clouds can build up during the summer to produce thunderstorm activity. It is wise to pack for any season when venturing into the high country, with clothing that can be "layered", ready to peel off or add on as the thermometer dictates. Always include some kind of rain gear.

Location - Mariposa Ranger District is in the northwest part of the the Forest. To it's northern border is Stanislaus National Forest and to the northeast is Yosemite National Park.

Mariposa Ranger District, P.O. Box 10 , North Fork, CA, 93643, Phone: 559-877-2218, Fax: 559-877-3108, TTY: 559-877-2218