Sierra National Forest

Scenic Spots in Sierra Nat'l Forest

Beasore Road

This area accesses a beautiful part of the Forest above Bass Lake. To get there take Hwy 41 north from Fresno to Road 222. Follow Road 222 around the north side of Bass Lake to Beasore Road. Beasore Road meanders through the forest passing by beautiful meadows, creeks and ...

McKinley Road

The McKinley Road provides access to one of two giant sequoia groves on the Sierra National Forest. This grove is worth the visit and provides uncrowded access to beautiful Giant Sequoias. To get there take Hwy 168 east of Clovis to the Dinkey Creek Road (just before your get ...

Sierra Heritage Scenic Byway

The Sierra Heritage National Scenic Byway is a member of the National Scenic Byway System. This designated route ties the Sierra Nevada Mountains with the eight foothill and mountain communities.The route climbs to 9,000 feet in elevation from the San Joaquin Valley to within viewing distance of the Kaiser, Dinkey Lakes, ...

Sierra Vista Scenic Byway

Located in the Sierra National Forest, the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway is a designated member of the National Scenic Byway System. The entire route meanders along National Forest roads, from North Fork to the exit point on Highway 41 past Nelder Grove, and without stopping takes about five hours to drive. The Byway is a ...

Sky Ranch Road

The Sky Ranch Road provides access to a beautiful uncrowded part of the Forest that includes the Nelder Grove of Giant Sequoias. To get there take Hwy 41 north from Fresno. Follow Hwy 41 through Oakhurst. Just past Oakhurst, approximately 5 miles, turn east on the Sky Ranch Road. ...