Sierra National Forest

Visitor Area/Centers in Sierra Nat'l Forest

King's River Ranger District

The John Muir Wilderness Area is located in this Ranger District as well as parts of the Monarch and Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Area. Reservoirs include, Wishon, Courtright, and Pine Flat. The McKinley Grove Giant Sequoias and Botanical Area offer some spectacular sites of these giant trees. Recreation - The Kings ...

Mariposa Ranger District

Mariposa Ranger District has some spectacular features to this northwest portion of Sierra National Forest. One such feature is the prominent Fresno Dome. This 7540 foot high dome will give you dramatic views of the surrounding area. Don't forget your hiking boots and map to identify all the peaks ...

Minarets Ranger District

Minarets Ranger District is located in the northern tier of the forest. Various peaks over 10,000 feet dot the landscape. About one quarter of the Ranger District is occupied by the Ansel Adams Wilderness area. Although a heavily traveled wilderness area, it offers pristine views and many hiking trails. ...

Pineridge Ranger District

This Ranger District, located in the central portion of the forest features three wilderness areas and numerous lakes that offer excellent boating, waterskiing, and fishing. The Ansel Adams and John Muir Wilderness Areas cover the district's eastern portion. These areas offer pristine views and excellent hiking opportunities. Florence and ...