Siuslaw National Forest

Hebo Ranger District

Attractions - The Hebo Ranger District features several trails and campgrounds in addition to beautiful views of falls, streams, creeks, Mount Hebo, and forest and beach scenery.

Recreation - Recreational activities include hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, photography, beach activities, fishing and boating

Climate - Coastal weather is characterized by continually changing moods; a winter day may bring a violent rain storm yet the following day may be clear, calm, and sunny. Summer fog is common and temperatures remain mild year-round.

Location - The Hebo Ranger District covers the northern section of the Siuslaw National Forest in northwestern Oregon. The ranger district can be accessed from Highways 101 and 22 and Primary Forest Routes 81, 17, 14, 85, and 12.

District Ranger: George Buckingham

31525 Hwy 22
P.O. Box 235
Hebo, OR 97122
TEL: (503) 392-5100
TTY: (Oregon Relay)
FAX: (503) 392-5143

Office Hours:
Monday ? Friday
8:00am ? 4:30pm