Tonto National Forest

Haunted Canyon Trail

The Haunted Canyon Trail, located in the Superstition Wilderness section of Tonto National Forest, is 7.8 miles long and passes through wild, little-visited country. The northern portion of the trail is in fair shape, but the eastern end is difficult to follow. East of the Tony Ranch is a short stretch not recommended for horses.

Elevation: 3,200 - 4,900 feet.

Termini: Forest Road 287A (one mile southeast of Miles TH), and Forest Road 287.

No more than 15 people are allowed to be in a group. No more than 15 head of livestock are allowed in a group.

There is a network of some 170 miles of trails serving the Superstition Wilderness Area and contiguous areas. Their condition varies from satisfactory to very poor. All trails are closed to motor vehicles and mechanical transport such as bikes. Use a great deal of caution when traveling on backcountry trails such as this one and be aware of the risks you assume.