Oh, Ranger!: True Stories from our National Parks

November 2, 2010, 10:03 am

Oh, Ranger! is a collection of exciting stories told directly by the experts – national park rangers. It provides an insider’s view into the most beautiful and culturally significant treasures in America.

From animal encounters to fire fighting and search and rescue missions, rangers share their most memorable, life changing experiences. This book is a tribute to National Park Service employees everywhere and was inspired by the original storybook written in 1928 by Horace Albright, the first superintendent of Yellowstone National Park. With a foreword written by Horace Albright’s daughter, Oh, Ranger! is sure to evoke nostalgia in park rangers and park visitors of all ages.

Published by American Park Network in partnership with The Employees & Alumni Association of the National Park Service (E&AA), Oh, Ranger! was made possible through the generous support of the Ford Motor Company, a proud partner of the parks. American Park Network, with the support of Ford Motor Company, has donated 20,000 copies to the E&AA, which will raise significant dollars in support of the national parks. American Park Network plans to donate portions of all future editions in its efforts to raise funding for national park education and ranger grant programs.

Oh, Ranger! is available in many national park bookstores and visitor centers. It is also available online at eparks.com.