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Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge


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Just a few short miles from the center of Oregon's largest city, the honking of geese replaces the honking of cars. This special place is a refuge, a haven for wildlife and people. Born of a community's dream, and made possible by their support, a wildlife refuge now thrives in the backyard of a growing metropolis.

Located on the outskirts of Portland, Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge is one of only a handful of urban national wildlife refuges in the country. Situated within the floodplain of the Tualatin River, the Refuge comprises less than 1% of the 712 square mile watershed. Yet, due to it's richness and diversity of habitats, the Refuge supports some of the most abundant and varied wildlife in the watershed.

The Refuge is now home to nearly 200 species of birds, over 50 species of mammals, 25 species of reptiles and amphibians, and a wide variety of insects, fish and plants. The Refuge has also become a place where people can experience and learn about wildlife and the places they call home.

Map of Tualatin River NWR

Latitude, Longitude: 45.400740, -122.852039



  • Bird Watching

    The greatest number of birds and species can be enjoyed from October until May. A complete list of birds can be found at Highlights include: Bald Eagle, Red-tailed Hawk, Peregrine Falcon and Mourning Dove.

  • Hiking

    A one-mile long nature trail meanders through a variety of refuge habitats, past wildlife viewpoints and interpretive stops and ends in an expansive view at the wetland observation deck. This trail surface is made up of compact small gravel. From the parking lot to the wetland observation deck, the grade of the year-round nature trail does not exceed 5%.

    From May 1st through September 30th, visitors are permitted to walk on 3 miles of service roads. The road surface is uneven, loose gravel. From October 1st through April 30th, the seasonal trails (service roads) are closed to all public entry to provide sanctuary for wildlife.

  • Wildlife Watching

    The patient observer will be rewarded with many wildlife viewing opportunities on the refuge. Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge is a place where wildlife comes first. When visiting, always remember that you are a guest in their home. For the protection of wildlife and their homes, visitors must stay on maintained trails. Please, no off-trail use.

    Observe wildlife from the sidelines and do not approach too closely. Don't offer snacks; your lunch could disrupt wild digestive systems.



Tualatin River Refuge is located off of Highway 99W approximately 15 miles southwest of downtown Portland near Sherwood.

From the north: Drive southbound on Highway 99W and continue through the town of King City. Approximately 0.7 miles beyond the Cipole Road traffic light, turn right into the refuge. Look for brown highway guide signs.

From the south: Drive northbound on Highway 99W, approximately 1 mile north of Tualatin-Sherwood Road. Look for brown highway highway guide signs directing you to make a U-turn in order to enter into the refuge.

Public Transportation

By bus: Visitors can also take Tri-Met bus route 12 directly to the refuge entrance on Highway 99W. The #12 leaves from SW 3rd and Yamhill, 2 blocks from the MAX stop in downtown Portland.

Phone Numbers


(503) 625-5944