Umatilla National Forest

North Fork John Day Ranger District Station

The North Fork John Day District is 465,000 acres in the heart of the Blue Mountains. Diversity and complexity are key words in management of this land and its abundant resources. Plant communities range from juniper/sage/bunch grass at the 2,600 feet elevation in the Potamus Creek area to subalpine fir/whitebark pine habitats at the 8,000 feet elevation near Vinegar Hill in the Greenhorn Mountain Scenic Area.

Recreation use on the District is heaviest during hunting season which begins in mid-August with archery season and extends through cow elk permit season which ends after Thanksgiving.

Camping has always been popular in the area. There are 15 developed campgrounds and countless undeveloped sites in state and national forests. Cabin Rentals have also become very popular. Anglers enjoy fishing in numerous locations such as Olive Lake or the North Fork John Day River.

The Blue Mountain Scenic Byway winds its way through the forest and is truly a spectacular drive. Travelers may see everything from scenic Potamus Point to the historic Fremont Powerhouse. The Winom-Frazier Off Highway Vehicle complex is located 12 miles east of Ukiah. It provides off road riders and other users more than 125 miles of challenging trails to explore.

Winter recreation activities include sledding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and ice fishing. Winter is also a great time for wildlife watching. Bald eagles often winter along Camas Creek and can be seen soaring in the crisp winter sky above Ukiah. Elk and deer herds winter on the Bridge Creek Wildlife range south of Ukiah and are often visible to travelers.

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