USDA Forest Service Headquarters Information Center

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USDA Forest Service Headquarters Information Center

District Of Columbia

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Forest Service staff greet visitors connecting them to their National Forests and Grasslands while also helping with their visit to the National Mall. There is a 1,000-square foot interactive exhibit room, complete with an animatronic Smokey Bear reading fan mail in his office. Learn about the history of the Forest Service in the lodge with videos and artifacts, or check out the rotating displays focusing on current Forest Service issues. The National Headquarters of the Forest Service and the Information Center are located in the historic Yates Federal Building, originally built in 1879 to house the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

The Visitor Center is open year-round Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. with the exception of Federal Holidays. School groups are more than welcome, and guided tours can be given. Please call for scheduling.

Map of USDA Forest Service Headquarters Info. Center

Latitude, Longitude: 38.887325, -77.032249



  • Historic Sites

    Learn about the history of the Forest Service with five open-captioned videos in the Lodge. Modeled after a 1920s rustic lodge, and fashioned out of pine, the lodge features hand-painted rugs. Original Forest Service artifacts from the first half of the century are tucked away in glass-enclosed cabinets. The Information Center rotates displays covering topics that deal with current Forest Service issues. Featured displays have covered a wide range of topics including wildfires, pollinators, wildflowers and Forest Service history.



The easiest way to come visit is via the Metro. Exit at Smithsonian Station and take the Independence Avenue exit. The entrance is one block west at the corner of 14th and Independence.

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(800) 832-1355