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So much time is revealed here, even more geologic time than in the Grand Canyon. Within an 80-mile radius of Vernal, evidence of the entire Earth's history is visible. At its center is the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum. The new museum is located two blocks east of the old Field House, a 22,000-square foot structure to preserve and reveal the wealth of prehistory found within the Uinta Basin. Outside the museum, and providing the greatest appeal to passing visitors, is the Dinosaur Garden, a prehistoric zoo of full-size replicas ranging in age from Pennsylvanian through Pleistocene. The garden includes a 20-foot Tyrannosaurus with six-inch, knife-like teeth, a horned Triceratops, six-ton Stegosaurus, winged Pteranodon and other full-size prehistoric animal replicas.

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    Visitors will learn much about Utah's history in a fun way for the whole family. Kids will love the dinosaur garden complete with models of the dinosaurs that once lived.

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    Picnic area available.



496 East Main Street in Venral, Utah.

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(435) 789-3799