Lake Shaftsbury State Park

Lake Shaftsbury State Park

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Lake Shaftsbury State Park


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Lake Shaftsbury State Park is on an 84-acre parcel surrounding the small but picturesque Lake Shaftsbury. The area operated as a private campground/cabin resort before it became a state park in 1974. It has become a popular park facility in southwestern Vermont.

Map of Lake Shaftsbury (VT)

Latitude, Longitude: 43.022784, -73.184824



  • Boating

    Kayaks, rowboats, and pedal boat rentals are available.

  • Bird Watching

    Many beautiful species of bird have been spotted in and around Lake Shaftsbury. Some include: yellow-rumped warbler, Canada goose, cackler, long-tailed duck, bald eagle, golden eagle, red-tail, northern harrier, goshawk, cooper's, sharpie, red shoulder, osprey, kestrel, junco, chickadee, cardinal, white-throated sparrow, blue jay, morning dove, white-breasted nuthatch, goldfinch, and tufted titmice.

  • Bicycling

    A family friendly bike ride can be taken in and around the park. For those wanting a more challenging ride, try the Buck Hill Trail. A 10-15 min ride with some good elevation gains. For a longer ride, visitors can take a 19 mile bike ride from Shaftsbury Center along White Mountain Road, connecting to Quaker Road and Horton Hill Road. Looping back to Shaftsbury Center in the end.

  • Auto/Motorcycle

    Lake Shaftsbury State Park is located on the Shires of Vermont Byway, a scenic auto road that passes through from Vermont's southern border with Massachusetts to its northern point where it intersects with the Stone Valley Byway in the heart of Manchester. This ribbon of road, Rte US 7 from Pownal to Bennington, and Route VT 7A from Bennington to Manchester, is the historic stretch that has connected the communities of the north shire and south shire for centuries. Historically, a "shire town" was a county seat otherwise known as the governmental center of the county.

  • Camping

    Group camping is offered here. Three clusters of lean-tos are located northwest of the lake, across from the beach and picnic area. Portable toilets are the sanitary facilities for the 15 lean-tos. There is parking with access to firewood and a play field nearby.

    There is a fully furnished waterfront cottage available for weekly rental. There is a full kitchen and bathroom with a shower. The cottage sleeps six and has a deck with a view of the lake and a grill. All you have to supply are your own linens and groceries!

  • Fishing

    Great fishing can be found in Lake Shaftsbury. Species you can catch include: rainbow trout, yellow perch, largemouth bass, and panfish.

  • Hiking

    Take a stroll on the Lake Shaftsbury Healing Springs Trail which gently meanders around Lake Shaftsbury. For detailed trail info and maps, click on the link below to visit the park web page.

  • Historic Sites

    Bennington Monument and Museum, Bennington; Hildene and Equinox Hotel, Manchester; Robert Frost Stone House Museum, Southern Shaftsbury; Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester; Manchester Farmers Market, Manchester Center.

  • Picnicking

    Shaftsbury has an open picnic pavilion with electricity and 2 charcoal grills for large group gatherings (can seat up to 100 people). The pavilion is close to horseshoes, hiking, paddling, and swimming. A concession stand is also nearby.

  • Water Sports

    Swimming, wading, and other water sports can be done on Lake Shaftsbury.

  • Wildlife Watching

    Wildlife abounds in Lake Shaftsbury State Park. Commonly seen animals include white-tailed deer, fisher, coyote, black bear, beaver, otter, turkey, ruffed grouse, woodchuck, woodpecker, common loons, raccoon, skunk, osprey, ring billed gull and mergansers. Reptiles and amphibians include wood frog, spring peeper, American toad, and yellow-spotted salamander.

  • Winter Sports

    Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are fun ways to see the park in winter. There are no facilities or staff available, but visitors are encouraged to explore the park during the off season and enjoy the quieter time of year. Also, Lake Shaftsbury is perfect for ice fishing, kite-skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or dog sledding.


Open Memorial Day weekend - Labor Day weekend. Open for day use 10:00 am - sunset.



From Bennington: Go 10 mi N on Route 7A

Phone Numbers


(802) 375-9978

Campground reservations

(888) 409-7579