War In The Pacific National Historical Park

War In The Pacific National Historical Park

Just For Kids

While we are without a museum due to the typhoon, we are eager to bring our staff, resources, and infomation into your classroom! Call (671) 472-7240 (ext. 236, 237, 230, 233) to schedule a visit to your classroom.

War in the Pacific National Historical Park recently received a letter from a teacher in Cincinnati, Ohio. She kindly informed us about "Flat Stanley"—a character in a children's book. Stanley uses his flatness to his advantage and is able to be mailed in an envelope to his friends in California. Ms. Holwadel informed us that the entire school is involved in a project and they are sending letters across the country and around the world to see where Flat Stanley ends up. She requested that we write a letter and submit pictures of us taking Flat Stanley with us throughout our day at the National Park Service.

We gladly responded to this request and gave Flat Stanley an educational, informative, and FUN tour through the various units of the park. Please see Flat Stanley's tour of our park!

We had a great time hosting Flat Stanley on his visit to WAPA—we would gladly welcome him back again, or any one, two, or three dimensional people or children!