Unita-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Logan Canyon Scenic Byway

Logan Canyon Scenic Byway is a byway for all seasons. Any day of the year entices you to immerse yourself in scenic splendor. Let the inviting canyon envelop you as you pass the Forest Service station just outside downtown Logan City. Travel down the hill at First Dam as the towering mountains greet you on both sides. Nature crouches around your car as you travel the narrow road and watch the undulating patterns of nature unfold.

In the winter Logan Canyon offers respite and refreshment to the pent-up spirit. Enjoy Beaver Mountain just 30 minutes from the city of Logan and ski or snowboard its quaint slopes. Also in the canyon, the Sinks offer outstanding snowmobiling. Elsewhere, dozens of trails await back country skiers and snowshoers. For all winter lovers, the sun-reflecting white scene, intermingled with dark green pines, is exquisite

Green spring and the gurgling river lure winter prisoners from their homes. Come enjoy the kayaking and rock climbing along the byway. As the snow melts and earth dries, add hiking and mountain biking to the list of things to do. For awesome views, hike The Wind Caves or the Crimson Trail; to see the oldest living tree in Utah, try the Juniper Trail.

To escape the valley heat during the summer, don't miss fishing on the Logan River or camping at Tony's Grove. Visit Bear Lake where you can swim, sail, or boat. Its bright blue waters are inviting even to those shy of water.

The fall comes gracefully to Logan Canyon. Natural "fires" will delight your eyes in amazing, still fireworks of exploding colors of red, orange, and yellow. The weather cools but hiking and biking is still enjoyable. Afterwards, feast on a barbecued meal and marshmallow roast at Third Dam, beside the placid, retained waters of the Logan River.

With the waning fall and short-lived bright colors come winter snows and the pattern of seasons is repeated. Yet each canyon visit is different. Every touch with nature in Logan Canyon is unique and savory. Try a taste today, along the beaten path, but not far from the seemingly untouched wilderness.