White River National Forest

Picket Pin-Lily Pond Trail

Difficulty: More Difficult
Trail Use: Low
Length: 8.16 miles
Elevation: Starts at 8,758 feet at the Picket Pin end and ends at 8,649 feet at the Lily Pond end.
(highest point 10,703 feet)
Elevation Gain: +2,012 feet ? 2,114 feet = -102 feet

? Both trails connect the county road with the Chinese Wall Trail in Picket Pin Park.
? Lily Pond Trail climbs 4 1/2 miles through stands of aspen, open parks, and scattered patches of spruce, fir and dead spruce. The trail gets its name from the water lilies that bloom in a pond about 3 1/2 miles up the trail.
? Picket Pin Trail follows Picket Pin Creek for two miles before angling cross country to enter the east end of Picket Pin Park. This traverses dense spruce and fir forests with fewer aspen parks than the Lily Pond Trail.

Blanco Ranger District
220 E Market Street
Meeker, CO 81641
(970) 878-4039 - Voice
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? From Meeker, take State Highway 13 east for one mile.
? Turn east on Rio Blanco County Road 8 for 39 miles to the Lily Pond Trailhead.
? To get to the Picket Pin trailhead, turn right onto Trappers Lake Road for 5 miles.