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Carver-Roehl County Park


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This 53-acre park is Rock County's second oldest park and one of the most scenic. The park, including the Carvers Rock site, was acquired in 1950 from the Roehl family. The area had been discussed as a County park since the mid 1920s. Spring Brook Creek runs from north to south through the park, just north of its confluence with Turtle Creek. In the southern part of the park are the graves of two of the county's oldest settlers, members of the William C. Chase family. The graves date from 1843 and 1845. The magnificent limestone outcroppings along with a wide variety of plant life provide a picturesque setting, whatever the season. Many plants are unique to the area. This wide variety of plant life provides food and shelter to many kinds of birds, reptiles and mammals. The highlight of this park is the scenic hiking and skiing trail. Skiing trails are not groomed. The trail is 1.5 miles in length and is best suited for the intermediate skier because some portions of the trail are a little challenging for the beginner. Because the park contains areas of extreme topography, anyone using the trail for hiking or skiing should stay on the trail for their own safety. The trails of Carver-Roehl Park are open everyday from dawn to dusk. Skiing at night is not permitted for safety reasons. All county parks are closed from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM.

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Latitude, Longitude: 42.605521, -88.826888


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(608) 757-5451