Wilkerson Pass Visitor And Interpretive Center

Wilkerson Pass Visitor Center

Restrooms are open 24 hours a day every day
Picnic tables on site
Bookstore and educational materials

It is a special place for both visitors and residents where you may obtain information regarding management of local and national resources, environmental and conservation education, and more.


To Wilkerson Pass and South Park where you'll find one of the highest parks in North America.

To the west extends sweeping views of three mountain ranges, the South Platte River headwaters, and a glimpse back the colorful days of mining, railroads, and ranching.

To the east stands the famous Pikes Peak, Elevenmile Canyon, Elevenmile and Spinney Reservoirs, and the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.

Within this landscape you can fish Gold Medal waters, reflect on vast open spaces, and explore the past.