Willow Island Locks And Dam - Ohio River

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Willow Island Locks And Dam - Ohio River


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Willow Island Locks and Dam provides some of the best fishing in Ohio! This new facility replaces three obsolete locks and dams and provides a navigable pool to Hannibal Locks & Dam on the Ohio River. This facility is located on the Ohio River, 161.7 miles downstream from Pittsburgh, PA, and 3.4 miles upstream from Waverly, WV. It replaced Locks and Dams No. 15, 16 and 17.

Construction began in January 1967 and the total project is 100 percent complete. The locks construction contract was awarded in October 1968 and placed in operation in January 1972. Dam construction was initiated in December 1971 and completed in 1976. The pool was raised to full height in September 1975.

The normal upper pool elevation is 602.0' m.s.l. The upper pool length is 35.3 miles to Hannibal Dam. The normal upper pool surface area is 6,400 acres. The normal lower pool elevation is 582.0' m.s.l., (upper pool of Belleville Dam) with a normal lift of 20.0'.

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Latitude, Longitude: 39.360075, -81.319283



  • Boating

    All boats may navigate through this facility.

  • Fishing

    The area above and below the dam has some very good fishing for anglers. Willow Island has plenty of parking. Footpaths lead to the water on the West Virginia side. A favorite for many Mountain State anglers, the Willow Island Tailwater is one of the best on the Ohio River for shoreline fishing opportunities. Willow Island is famous for its early spring sauger and hybrid striped bass fishing, anglers do not be surprised if you also land a fat catfish or walleyes as well.

  • Picnicking

    Willow Island provids a group picnic shelter.

  • Water Sports

    Water sports includ pleasure boating and water skiing.



The locks are located across the river from Willow Island, WV approximately 9 miles from Marietta, OH, on State Route 7 North.

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(740) 374-8710