Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park

The Cold Brook Canyon Trail

The Cold Brook Canyon Trail provides 1.4 miles of moderate difficulty. It traverses a former prairie dog town and passes along the edge of a section of park that was recently burned. The Wind Cave Canyon Trail at 1.8 Miles is an easy trail that follows Wind Cave Canyon, one of the best places in the park to do bird watching. The limestone cliffs of Wind Cave Canyon and the large ponderosa pines provide homes to cliff swallows, horned owls, and a variety of woodpeckers. East Bison Flats Trail at 3.7 miles is a moderate trail accessed from the Wind Cave Canyon Trail and takes you across the rolling hills of the South Dakota prairie. It offers some of the most incredible views of the South Dakota wilderness, with it's wide breath taking vistas.


1.4 Miles

The trail begins on the west side of Hwy 385 two miles south of the Visitor Center. This mildly strenuous trail traverses across a former prairie dog town, along the edge of a controlled fire and through Cold Brook Canyon to the park boundary fence.