Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

See babies and save big at Yellowstone National Park

June 3, 2009, 7:40 am

National Parks. We hope that they will be with us forever.  That's the idea at least, to ensure that these prized natural iconic ecosystems of our American landscape can be treasured and appreciated for generations to come.  The national parks offer a sustainable legacy that can embody a sense of wonder, hope and beauty for all Americans and those that visit them. 

Just over a hundred years ago, President Ulysses S Grant proclaimed the first federally protected park in 1872 by designating Yellowstone as the first national park in the United States.  His declaration set in place a system to conserve many of America's most unique and pristine environments.  Can you imagine the first encounter a visitor had years ago when discovering Yellowstone National Park's geo-thermal wonders?  Bubbling hot pots, spouting geysers and a formidable landscape fuming with vapors and swirls of mist?  How unearthly, how strangely beautiful, surrounded by snow-topped mountains. 

Over the years, Yellowstone became an American pilgrimage of sorts where many of our great-grandparents took vacations with their families camping, hiking and wildlife viewing; where lasting memories were captured near "Old Faithful" which served as a backdrop to many family vacation photographs.