Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Avalanche Peak Trail

Avalanche Peak Trail, located near Lake Village, offers a strenuous 5 mile roundtrip hike. This trail climbs steeply (1,800 ft in 2.5 miles) without the benefit of switchbacks. It passes through the forest and into an old avalanche slide area. It continues through the whitebark pine forest to a small meadow at the base of the bowl of Avalanche Peak, affording some of the best panoramic views in the park. The trail continues up a scree slope along the narrow ridgeline of Avalanche Peak. An unmarked trail drops down the northeast side of the bowl and returns to the meadow. Since whitebark pine cones are a favored food of grizzly bears in the fall, avoid this trail at that time.

Yellowstone National Park, P.O. Box 168 , Yellowstone, WY, 82190, Phone: 307-344-7381


Directions from East Entrance: Travel to the west end of Eleanor Lake across the road to the east of the small creek.