Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Diving Board

Latitude, Longitude: 37.742426, -119.540996

The Diving Board is located in Yosemite, rising 3,500 feet from the floor of Yosemite Valley. It is the prominent rock on the west side of Half Dome that projects out in front of the face of Half Dome. The Diving Board cantilevers out about 30 feet over a shear cliff that is a 1400 foot vertical face. This is the location where Ansel Adams took the famous photo of Half Dome "The Monolith" in April, 1927.


The hike starts at Happy Isles at the valley floor at about 4,000 ft elevation. Start up the John Muir trail and take the mist trail to the top of Vernal Falls. Cross the Merced River on the trail foot bridge. At this point leave the trail behind and follow the drainage between Liberty Cap and Mount Broderick to about 6,100 feet. This is mostly hiking with a few short sections of class 3 scrambling. Traverse about 1/2 mile to the North-West between Lost Lake and Mount Broderick until you get to the top of the saddle between Mount Broderick and Half Dome. At this point go West over the granite slabs beyond the saddle and drop about 100 to 200 feet. The slope to the North from this point is approximately a 1,500 foot vertical scramble to the Diving Board which is just to the left of half Dome as you look up. As you work your way up the slope, stay to the left to avoid the class 4 slabs that are closer to Half Dome. Allow for 6 hours up and 4 hours down. The going can be a bit slow with all of the bush-wacking, route finding, and boulder scrambling.