Jack Bay State Marine Park

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Jack Bay State Marine Park


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The uplands of Jack Bay State Marine Park consists of alder, muskeg, salt marsh and old growth forest of spruce and hemlock. Camping in the forest, boating in the nearby bay, or hiking along trails are all fun activities that can be experienced here.

Map of Jack Bay State Marine Park (AK)

Latitude, Longitude: 61.030765, -146.563979



  • Boating

    Boating in the bay is permitted. Anchoring is in fair weather only is suggested, as there is no protection.

  • Camping

    The best campsite is located on the island in the middle of the bay. On the southeast end of the island is a protected bight, or bend in the coast, with four campsites. Two of the campsites are tent platforms. There is a small "low-boy" latrine located near the campsites. Two other tent platforms exist near the tip of the peninsula on the mainland just east of the island. A fire ring and cooking area is between the two sites. None of these campsites have water nearby. Water can be obtained on the northern shore of the bay.

  • Fishing

    Fishing is allowed. Follow Alaska regulations.


Open year-round.



15 miles from Valdez, southeast of Valdez Narrows.

Phone Numbers


(907) 262-5581